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Its power is resilient and boldly flames through anything Mother Nature throws at it. These mini-infernos are easy to strike and designed to defy elements so you can light your fire in even the most severe conditions. Comes packaged in a blister pack.


  • 30 windproof and water-resistant matches
  • Produces hot and intense flame; Burns up to 30 seconds
  • Water-resistant coating; Resealable package 
  • Includes 3 additional strike pads


  • Plenty of time to get the fire started
  • Matches can survive being submerged in water or rain
  • Ensures fire can be started in the most severe conditions
  • Provides an additional layer of water resistance
  • Provides extra pads for long-lasting use & match refills 
  • Integrated clam shell container keeps matches organized and protected
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